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About the
Georgetown Theat
er Network
Celebrating our Georgetown Theater Community

Who We Are

The Georgetown Theater Network (GTN) is a community of theater professionals and theater enthusiasts. We encompass a broad range of backgrounds, including those currently working in theater, those leveraging their theatrical skills outside the arts, and those supporting theater in their communities. 


We celebrate Georgetown theater on campus and nationally for its excellence and innovation and recognize its power to cultivate friendships, leaders, and family


Since The Dramatic Association of Georgetown College was founded in 1852, the clubs and programs that make up our community have changed, but their desire to spark growth and joy in students remains strong. As such, we welcome members from all past and present campus theater organizations to join our community


We operate as an affiliate of the Georgetown Entertainment and Media Alliance (GEMA). We complement and support GEMA’s mission to elevate Georgetown’s profile, strengthen ties between the University and its alumni, and develop relevant programs and resources for both alumni and current students. 

What We Do

  • Build community among Georgetown theater professionals and theater enthusiasts.

  • Promote the Georgetown theater community’s theatrical works.

  • Provide career support and networking opportunities for students and alumni, no matter the profession.


Georgetown theater alumni speaking at a career event on campus in the fall of 2023.


Alumni and theater faculty at a spring 2019 brunch before a performance of the Black Theatre Ensemble's The Colored Museum.

Our Mission
The Georgetown Theater Network (GTN) connects, supports, and celebrates the Georgetown University theater community.
Our Vision
Georgetown theater alumni unified across geographies and decades.
Our Values

Build Connections

  • We create opportunities to be present with one another, share meaningful experiences, and build new relationships.

  • We draw from the expertise of both theater professionals and enthusiasts to create a collaborative, empathetic, and engaged community.

Honor Experiences

  • We listen to and learn from all members of our network, without judgment.

  • We celebrate the traditions of the students and alumni who laid our community’s foundations. 

  • We look for opportunities to serve our community in intentional and innovative ways.

Uplift Our Community

  • We amplify theatrical works to a larger audience. 

  • We celebrate artistry and accomplishments outside of theater.

  • We recognize the role theater plays in the development of one’s personal and professional life. 

Where We Started


Georgetown’s theater history stretches back to the founding of the Dramatic Association in 1852, but the formal organization of the theater alumni community did not begin until the last quarter of the twentieth century. Several different groups emerged during these decades, with none lasting more than a few years.

When the theater landscape at Georgetown underwent significant changes in the early 2000s, another organization, the Georgetown Theatre Alumni, was formed to support the student theater groups. After being active for several years, this group also fell into inactivity, leaving only a mysterious bag of ‘GTA pins’ to be given out each year at the Mask & Bauble Dramatic Society’s end of year banquet. By the mid-2010s, this was the only sign left on campus that an organized alumni presence ever existed.

GTA Image - Old.jpg

One of the mystery pins from the early 2010s.

In 2018, a group of recent Georgetown alums - who had begun careers in theater and wanted to connect with other alumni working in the industry - resumed attempts to organize the alumni community. With support from staff in the Department of Performing Arts, this group adopted the old GTA acronym, but changed the name to the Georgetown Theatre Alliance to signal an inclusive understanding of the theater community both on and off campus. The new GTA began organizing alumni nights for campus performances and a regular reception at Homecoming.


The 2018 logo for the Georgetown Theatre Alliance, designed by Swedian Lie (COL '13)

After a few years of these successful gatherings, and prompted in part by the suspension of in-person activities during the pandemic, GTA began a process of more closely connecting with the formal university alumni community. Informed by over 25 interviews with alumni from the 1960s-2020s, conversations with stakeholders across the university, and design thinking exercises, the group clarified its mission and values.

A gathering of alumni in New York City in 2019 for a staged reading.

Screen Shot 2020-12-03 at 10.01.45 PM.png

Students and alumni participating in a virtual production of A Christmas Carol in December 2020.

In 2024 - to reflect its deepened commitment to unifying alumni across geographies and decades, serving the on-campus community, and welcoming members with the widest possible range of experiences - the group changed its name to the Georgetown Theater Network. At the same time, it became an affiliate of the Georgetown Entertainment and Media Alliance (GEMA), allowing for even stronger connections within the alumni community.

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