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With arts venues and organizations around the world closed to support social distancing measures, performing artists have developed incredibly creative ways to share their work with the world and each other. One of the ways they have been doing so is by creating virtual festivals, like the Stay at Home and Social Distancing festivals, where people can view selections from rehearsal, live-streamed performances, and on-going series. Inspired by these festivals, as well as by the tradition of BTE's Coffee Houses on campus, the Georgetown Theatre Alliance is proud to launch a virtual platform for elevating the work of the Georgetown performing arts community: the Online [Off-Campus] Project.


Our hope is that the Online [Off-Campus] Project will serve as a place for members of the Georgetown community to share work of any kind as we all deal with the uncertainty of the current moment. If you would like to submit work to be part of the Online [Off-Campus] Project, please email


Please include:

• Your name

• The name of the piece

• Your role/connection to the piece

• Your connection to Georgetown

• A link to the piece or it as an attachment


You are also welcome to include a link to your website or social media handles, as well as anything else you'd like people to know about you and your work.

We also recommend Nicholas Berger's excellent piece on the lost art of assembly and giving ourselves permission and space to mourn the lost togetherness of theatre.

Live Streams

Uncommon Voices


Episode 5 of All Arts series Uncommon Voices on All Arts and PBS features a behind-the-scenes-look at

A Play for the Living in a Time of Extinction by Miranda Rose Hall (COL '11) with dramaturgy by Robert Duffley (COL '13), commissioned and developed by LubDub Theatre Co - Artistic Directors Caitlin Nasema Cassidy (COL '11) and Geoff Kanick. It is free to stream.


Featured Work

The 34th Annual Donn B. Murphy One Acts Festival

Featuring Marblehead, MA ​by Amelia Walsh​


This year’s DBMOAF features Marblehead, MA, by Amelia Walsh, in which a family strains against the pressures of their changing environment.  Exploring themes of home, loss, and love, the show presents a new reality in which the effects of climate change threaten to destroy everything they know, and forces them to reconsider what it is they hold dear. DBMOAF will also include scenes from Patterns of Migration by Rachel Linton, Froglets by Zackary Rettig, and I Will Come Forth as Gold, A Job Play, by Timmy Sutton. These scenes, along with Marblehead, MA, dive into the idea of how our relationships with ourselves and those we love are tied inherently to the land we stand on. 

Directed by Amelia Walsh (SFS '20)
Produced by Cory Kleinman (COL '21)
Stage Managed by Annemarie Cuccia (SFS '22)
Technical Direction by Phoebe Shiffman (COL '22)

This video has been deleted.



Directed by Francesca Pazniokas (COL '11), RULES OF THE GAME is an experimental video art piece that explores the ways in which bisexual and queer people are misunderstood, pigeonholed and silenced based on the rules and expectations of others. Using ordinary games in an increasingly surreal atmosphere, RULES OF THE GAME examines this disorienting foundational element of queer life and coming of age.