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New Alum Reflects on a Year at Georgetown

Cameron Bell (COL '19) is one of the newest Georgetown alumni and the former Executive Producer of Mask & Bauble. Here she reflects on some of the joys of co-curricular theatre at Georgetown and her connection with GTA.

Cameron (second from left) with GTA members at the first annual GTA reception in 2017.

On a more personal note, my term as EP so far has been comprised of some of the most rewarding, challenging, and humbling experiences of my life. I’ve watched directing staffs, designers, their assistants, and actors share in successes that have even gone on to inspire and invigorate others watching them. I’ve seen new members, some freshmen, some not, come out of their shells and become part of our community. I’ve survived some late nights during tech weeks in Poulton, and sometimes I wasn’t the last one out the door. I’ve learned from mistakes, and worked towards preserving and passing down those lessons to future leadership.

Most importantly, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about what it means to be a part of such a large and longstanding community on Georgetown’s campus.

Some of my favorite moments this past year came out of interacting with our alums. Even though many of them graduated from Georgetown before I set foot on campus (or some before I was even born!), it’s so awesome to share an instant connection with them through M&B. I’ve had so much fun hearing their stories, watching their performances around DC, and even engaging in conversations about how we can expand and strengthen our alumni network and make it more accessible for both current members and alums.

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