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New Year, New Name, Same Georgetown Theater!

Introducing the Georgetown Theater Network

In 2024, the Georgetown theater Alliance is excited to announce some exciting changes!

  1. We have a new partner! We’re now a Georgetown Entertainment and Media Alliance (GEMA) affiliate. We're excited collaborate with the GEMA team in the future to support and expand how alumni engage with the creative industries - professionally and beyond.

  2. We have a new name and visual identity! Our affiliation with GEMA inspired strategic conversations with various stakeholders at Georgetown. As a result of those conversations, we have a new name and a new logo - all to better align ourselves with the University’s alumni community.

  3. We have a strategic plan! Over the last few years, the Steering Committee has worked together to produce GTN’s first strategic plan. It is a labor of celebration and tradition, informed by over 25 interviews with alumni from the 1960s-2020s, adaptive impact planning exercises, and design thinking exercises. Learn more about the work and what’s to come.

  4. We have a new website and Instagram! To capture all of these changes, we’ve updated our website and launched an Instagram! Follow us on Instagram here!

Over the coming months, we’ll be officially launching this partnership through events on campus and beyond. To keep up to date with all the news, be sure to follow us and GEMA or confirm your subscription to the newsletter! 

The GTN Steering Committee

Antoinette Corigliano (B’23)

Adam Bacigalupo (C’16)

Cameron Bell (C’19)

Matt Beshke (F’18)

Kat Bouker (C’24)

Michael Donnay (C’16)

Caitlin Dutkiewicz (C’15)

Kathleen Hill (F’15)

Catherine Rosenberg (C’15, L’21)

Daisy Steinthal (F‘23)

Jake Teall (C’23)

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